Refund Policy

If the physical product (ie, supplements) you have purchased through Eat Run Lift is faulty we are happy to exchange the items or provide you with a credit note or exchange, providing that the product is returned to us undamaged, (unopened if it is a supplement) and in its original condition. It is the customer's responsibility to pay all freight changes associated with the return of said item. We are not responsible for items lost in transit (while being returned). If goods are found to be faulty, out of date, wrongly described or different to what was shown on our website you may choose a refund or exchange.

Eat Run Lift eBooks have a strict no-refund policy as they are a digital product which you receive immediately. Please take note that the download link for your eBook is valid for 24 hours only, as specified in all your purchase emails. If you are experiencing difficulty downloading or saving your eBooks you can contact us via email: Links will not be re-issued for products purchased more than 2 months prior to your request, creating a backup file or physical copy of the eBook is solely the responsibility of the customer and we cannot be held responsible if you lose your copy once it has been downloaded. Eat Run Lift eBooks are in PDF format, and customers are solely responsibly for ensuring that their device is compatible with the eBooks, no refunds are issued for compatibility issues. If you are having problems with opening/viewing your eBook we suggest that you update your iPhone or update your PDF viewer (Android).